Deep Energy Savings

Deep energy savings - LED site lighting pic

LED Site & Roadway Lighting

LED fixtures are now the preferred technology for most outdoor lighting. Unlike older “blobby” light sources, LED light can be directed much more precisely. Over-lighting, glare, and light pollution can be vastly reduced, yielding enormous energy savings.

The best LED roadway fixtures today can provide energy savings of 60-70%!

LEDs are also great candidates for decorative and facade lighting. In addition to deep energy savings, LEDs also provide deep maintenance costs.

Deep energy savings - Bi-level pic

Bi-level Fixtures

Common-area stairwells and corridors are typically lit 24/7 and cannot be turned off completely because of code, even though they are usually occupied less than 5% of the time. Bi-level fixtures provide the perfect solution: they will stay at a low light level when there is no occupancy and switch to full brightness as soon as motion is sensed.

Bi-level fixtures will typically reduce energy consumption by over 80%!

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“Vintage” LED Bulbs

“Vintage” style incandescents have become a trend, popping up in restaurants and shops everywhere. The awful truth is that these incredibly inefficient bulbs re-create a technology that was out-of-date 100 years ago (only 5 lpw)!

But we have a solution. The 4.2w LED in a “vintage” style provides dramatic energy and maintenance savings without sacrificing style.

This LED version not only achieves 93% energy savings, it also lasts 10 times as long.