Weatherization Agencies

For Weatherization page - LogoFred Davis Corporation has been a wholesale distributor to Weatherization Agencies nationwide for over 20 years.  We offer exceptional pricing and customer service on all efficient lighting products: CFLs, Fixtures, Lamps, Ballasts. 


We know weatherization.  Fred got his start weatherizing homes in the 1970s; he worked as retrofitter, auditor, crew chief, and manager.   

For many years, the weatherization program did not include lighting as a measure.  Years ago, we worked state-by-state to introduce efficient lighting as a meaningful and fast payback component of the program.


We pioneered the best in compact fluorescents, and continue to do so. In the 1980s, a 17w CFL could replace a 60w incandescent; today, a much smaller 13w will do the same.  Today, we  also offer the best LED screw-in replacements.


We have also ushered in dramatically lower pricing over the years.  Ask for our benchmark chart showing 80% price decrease over two decades.


Today, FDC sells tens of thousands of screw-in CFLs to weatherization agencies each year. 


We also sell thousands of types of fixtures for both single-family and multi-family housing (in unit and common areas; indoor and outdoor).  We also have worked with LED fixtures in pilot/demonstration projects. 


We have long-term close relationships with all the leading manufacturers.  We would love to be your lighting supplier.


Request your state’s CFL price list today!