Our Lines

As an independent wholesale distributor, we are proud of our long-time relationships with quality manufacturers. By carrying a full range of energy efficient lighting products, we can fulfill all our customers’ needs.

bullet Access bullet Emergi-Lite bullet Ledtronics
bullet Philips
bullet American Electric
bullet Energetic bullet Leotek bullet Ripley
bullet American Scientific
bullet Feit bullet Lightoiler bullet Robertson
bullet Brownlee bullet Flourite Plastics
bullet Litetronics
bullet Satco
bullet Chloride bullet FP Outdoor Controls bullet Lithonia bullet Sensor Switch
bullet Cimcon
bullet Gateway 360
bullet Lumec bullet Sunlite
bullet Color Kinetics
bullet Hadco bullet Lumecon
bullet Sunpark
bullet Cree bullet Howard bullet Maxlite bullet TCP
bullet Day-Brite bullet King Luminaire
bullet Nora Lighting
bullet Universal (Magnetek)
bullet Delray
bullet Lamar
bullet Osram/Sylvania bullet Valmont
bullet Earthtronics bullet LC Doane
bullet P&K Tubular Products
bullet Venture Lighting