CFL Bulbs

We carry over 200 different Energy Star rated bulbs, in a variety of shapes, color temperatures, and base types. CFL bulbs are still the workhorse of residential retrofit, and still use 1/4 to 1/3 the wattage of even the best incandescent. CFLs have improved over the years in efficacy and size. The T2 tube size today offers even smaller models.  Dimming models are now even better. 


LED Bulbs

Quality LED bulbs that are efficiency-worthy are very few. We only recommend Energy Star rated models. Currently there are a handful of models that exceed the efficiency of CFLs.

LAMPS - Fluorescent LAMPS PIC

Fluorescent Lamps


Fluorescent technology still offers the maximum in energy savings in most indoor applications. We carry major name fluorescent lamps and can supply a lamp to fit any fluorescent socket. Instead of replace-with-same, consider reduced wattage lamps. Reduced wattage lamps are available for most types: straight tube, U-shaped, and pin based. These reduced wattage lamps offer an average of 20% in energy savings while only reducing light output by 10%. 


HID Lamps

We have options from major brands and others.  Instead of replacing-with-same, ask if there is an energy saving HID lamp available that will work with the existing ballast.