Fred Davis Corporation: Efficient Lighting Wholesaler

Since 1983, Fred Davis Corporation has been a leading, independent, nationwide wholesale distributor of energy efficient lighting products. We supply a full array of high-efficiency lamps, ballasts, fixtures, and controls, from the leading quality manufacturers in LED, fluorescent, and HID technologies.

For three decades, Fred Davis Corporation has been in the forefront of energy efficient lighting. We consistently evaluate industry developments and screen for the best efficiency-worthy lighting products. Our offerings include the latest in LED and fluorescent technologies, energy savings of over 60% in common indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, we share our knowledge via presentations at select conferences and in occasional articles in our e-publication, The Lightening Volt.

Contact Fred Davis Corporation for: wholesale pricing for a retrofit project, advice on the right LED fixture for an application, or to buy CFLs in bulk at the lowest cost.