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The Lightening Volt brings you developments and assessments In the dynamic field of energy efficient lighting.

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Our Newsletter issues include:

        Replacing Streetlights with High Efficiency LEDs Saves 68% (March 2014)

        LED Indoor Fixtures: Not efficiency-worthy until…NOW (September, 2013)

        LED Screw-in Surprises (September, 2013)

        LED Efficiency Status Report: Part Two (Outdoors)  (4/22/2013)

        LED Efficiency Status Report: Part One (Indoors)  (4/18/2013)

        Scared or Scarred: A spooky story of LED bulbs in retail   (10/31/2012)

         China, Rare Earths and Efficient Lighting  (11/2/2011)

         Finding Facts on Efficacy  (8/25/2011)


        What’s the Most Efficient Light Bulb?  (7/25/2011)