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What About Lighting?!

We are introducing a new series: WHAT ABOUT LIGHTING?!

We intend to poke and prod energy-professionals (meaning our clients, friends, and colleagues) toward awareness that their energy-efficient lighting work will benefit from some attention. Big smile emoji.

Let’s be clear that we are beyond excited to see monumental progress being made in energy and climate policy in the U.S. on a daily basis at the federal level and in so many states. Much of our time is being devoted to the gargantuan work of decarbonizing society; this is everything.

However, Fred Davis Corporation wants to continue to be the reasonable voice bringing you the important developments in energy and lighting. It all fits together.

We too often see energy professionals ignoring lighting, or making oversimplified assumptions like “all LED is the same.” Let’s remember that:

  • in the U.S. during the first two decades of this century, lighting provided the largest energy reduction, by far, of any sector, both in commercial and residential
  • even today, efficient lighting is still usually the most cost-effective of any category of measures
  • energy-efficient lighting technology continues to develop and differentiate, providing greater opportunity than many energy practitioners realize

We fully appreciate the need for a radical ramp-up of decarbonization – by a factor of three at least — such measures should receive the highest priority and attention. And we understand that energy reduction from lighting measures will “only” contribute to carbon reduction to the extent of coincidence with fossil-fuels in the fuel mix. Further, the greener the grid, the less the carbon impact. But, even in the greenest grids, lighting can still be bundled with other measures to improve economics and ‘free-up’ precious grid power.

With WHAT ABOUT LIGHTING?! Fred Davis Corporation will continue to offer you smart insights about lighting, ways to maximize efficiency and optimize economics, all while pursuing rapid decarbonization.

Our first post emerges out of the flurry (no, blizzard!) of announcements coming from the Federal DOE last week. Hope you like it, and please provide feedback any time.

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